A new dimension of online advertising

Tri-table is a company that integrates solutions for advertisers and publishers using its own adserver technology.

About us

We have been carrying out advertising activities on websites for 15 years. We started with the first Polish social networking site – fotka.com.
Today we sell advertising space on over 700 websites in 25 countries.

We carry out advertising campaigns for:

Domów mediowych
Media houses
Agencji interaktywnych
Interactive agencies
Agencji SEM SEO
SEM/SEO agencies
Sieci afiliacyjnych
Affiliate networks
Sieci reklamowych
Advertising networks
Klientów bezpośrednich
Direct customers

We have a wide portfolio of advertising products, the use of which guarantees effective reaching of the target group both in image-building campaigns, effect-oriented or using comprehensive non-standard activities. Our offer includes many original advertising formats, and we also provide assistance in generating creations. We advise at every stage of planning and implementation of the campaign - we recommend actions that will help achieve the assumed goals.

As creators of our own adserver technology, we also offer a number of solutions for publishers, such as: monetization of advertising space, adserver, CMP (a tool for collecting consents to advertising profiling) or traffic services.

We have always focused on partnerships with publishers and advertisers and we are happy to share knowledge about the changing market.

We are a member of the DIMAQ Employer Program - apart from many years of experience, our team has extensive e-marketing competences confirmed by IAB DIMAQ Professional certificates.

Tri-table is:

Experienced team Experienced team
Monetization of advertising space Monetization of advertising space
Planning, implementing and optimizing online campaigns Planning, implementing and optimizing online campaigns
Original advertising solutions Original advertising solutions
Creating advertising conceptions Creating advertising conceptions
Our own adserver technology Our own adserver technology

Our experience

Establishment of the advertising office Fotka.pl
Establishment of the advertising office Spolecznosci.pl
Implementation of Smart AdServer RTB+
Establishment of the programmatic department
65 desktop partner sites and 20 mobile sites
First implementation of the header bidding technology in Poland
Creation of tri-table brand
Społeczności.pl became Społeczności
Resignation from waterfall and switching 100% to header bidding
110 desktop partner sites and 46 mobile sites
Implementation of GDPR
Starting of monetisation of foreign websites
Launching of a new dashboard for publishers
Monetisation of websites from 25 countries
Prebid-server implementation
305 associated desktop sites and 190 mobile sites
Implementation of private deals campaigns - billed by attention time
Emission of campaigns based on 1st party cookies
Launching an adserver for publishers

For advertisers

For publishers


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Tri-table Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company)
al. Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego 1
03-901 Warszawa, Poland
NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL1132927852
email: programmatic@tri-table.com

Agency client department
telephone: 00 48 22 618-15-29
Direct client department
telephone: 00 48 22 618-15-43
Publisher department
telephone: 00 48 22 618-15-43
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